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Reunited by tragedy, Andrew and Will are unlikely pawns in a high-stakes game of A.I. and religious fanaticism. Answering a call from beyond the grave they are unwittingly thrown into a vast technological world both deadly and fascinating. This is the breathtaking first book in the series by Irish author Dr Damien Mac Namara.


Damien Mac Namara

Damien Mac Namara lives in Limerick Ireland and lectures at the National College of Ireland in Dublin. He holds a PhD in Computer Science with a speciality in Human Computer Interaction. Damien spent a lot of his teens and twenties playing first-person shooters and training in TaeKwon-Do. He has spent quite a bit of his vacation time in Scandinavia and has snowmobiled across the Arctic. His interest in this part of the world is certainly a reason for his setting part of Furious Angels in Iceland – having visited three times in recent years. Damien is a self-confessed sci-fi nerd and Trekkie. He prefers to write YA because younger minds are much more complex and more open to adapt to the world around them.